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Frequently Asked Questions?

Everything you need to know ...

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a custom made laminated vinyl film, designed and printed to be installed on the body of the vehicle, usually for the purpose of advertisement. It could be a partial wrap, which covers some part of the vehicle, or a full wrap, in which case, the vinyl film is applied to cover all parts of the vehicle perfectly so that it looks like a custom paint job.  Unlike the custom paint job, a vehicle wrap is designed to be removed when it's time for a new look.

How is a Vehicle Wrap designed?

The Image360-Burlington team is made up of professional designers and wrap installers with over a decade experience in the industry. The process of wrapping a vehicle begins with the design process. Here, our team of designers will work with the client to come up with his or her perfect design, which will not only be pleasing to view, but also serve all of its advertisement purposes and appropriately generate sales. After the design has been completed and the client is 100% satisfied, it is sent in for printing.

How are Vehicle Wraps printed?

At Image360-Burlington, we make use of modern and advanced latex printing systems to ensure accurate transfer of all parts of designs in terms of color schemes, resolution, and realistic imagery.  Our print lab is color calibrated and our design process ensures that your branding and your colors are perfect every time.

Make your fleet of vehicles a recognizable part of your company' brand with sleek commercial vehicle wraps. Image360 produces quaity vehicle wrap graphics that are customized with your business' branding, logo, and color scheme. Whether you need simple vehicle lettering, partial car wraps or full-sized fleet truck wraps, we can create a custom vehicle graphics package that will fit of all shapes and sizes.

Proudly serving Bellingham, Burlington, Mount Vernon, Sedro-Woolley, Anacortes, Oak Harbor, and Skagit County.

+8 reasons why vehicle wraps are effective marketing for your business

They are a great value

Commercial vehicle wraps provide a very affordable means of advertisement for your business.  If your vehicle travels on any major highway or through any small to medium sized city, your company is going to be seen and become more and more recognizable on a daily basis.

Average number of views

95% of Americans are going to travel on our nation’s roadways in any given week.  Of these, 90% will be reached by some form of vehicle advertisement. Of these vehicle wrap sightings, 80% of them will generate a lasting memory and your brand will begin to take hold in your region.  Not sure? Count how many times a day you see a FedEx vehicle.


The average vehicle wrap can generate thousands of impressions each and every day.  With each impression comes the opportunity to acquire a new. To calculate the full impact / value of your vehicle wrap, you need to factor in the average amount you will make when a person does business with you.

24/7 promotion

Radio and TV ads are purchased for a scheduled time with a narrow audience. Vehicle wraps are marketing for you all day, every day, everywhere the vehicle goes.

Reach your target audience on their own turf 

When customers see your marketing message in their own comfort zone, they are more likely to reach out to you rather than a competitor that they may seem more distant to them.

It's a creative way to advertise specials and deals 

Your audience is numb to TV and print ads promoting "limited time offers," but seeing a special deal in the unlikely location of a vehicle wrap grabs their attention. Here's a marketing tip: make the special offer unique to vehicle viewers so you can track its effectiveness!

Vehicle wrap marketing is budget-friendly

Besides audience reach, a key marketing metric is cost per impression (CPM). A vehicle wrap is very affordable, and when you consider the number of views it gets while on the roads 24/7 (moving or parked), it has a very good CPM rate.

Non-aggressive marketing style 

Most advertising channels are invasive to your customers. Radio and TV ads interrupt entertainment just as the plot gets exciting. Online ads slow web page loads, and interrupt content viewing. Vehicle wraps co-exist on the road with your audience without interruption.

+How durable are vehicle wraps?

They are VERY durable

A vinyl vehicle wrap is incredibly durable. In addition to looking great, it provides a layer of protection to your car (including the paint under it). It can take the occasional rock on the road scratching the surface without showing the wear.

Most car wraps last approximately five to seven years. After five to seven years, most vinyl wraps will begin to crack, fade, and peel off the vehicle. Like anything, you get what you pay for. 

At Image360-Burlington, WA, we only use the best vehicle wrap vinyl, perform the installation in our climate-controlled garage, with our very own trained installers who know what they are doing.  Car wrap film should receive the same care as car paint. Regular cleaning is vital, as dirt will get stuck to the vehicle. We recommend routine trips to a brushless car wash (with no hot wax or wax option) or wash carefully by hand using a mild detergent with no additives such as wax. Dry thoroughly to avoid spotting.

When you make the decision to make a big purchase, like a vehicle wrap, we know that it is important to understand how long it will last to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.

The short answer is that as long as you keep the wrap out of the sun, the wrap will last.

This may seem shocking, but the rain does not affect the wrap like one would think... it’s the sun that is the biggest killer.  Our number one advice for keeping your wrap looking good as new is to keep the vehicle parked under a cover or in a garage to get optimal use.

“I keep my vehicle covered...now what?” … While keeping the wrap out of the sun will continue to keep it looking good, it is still important to remember that there is more to a wrap than what meets the eye. Underneath the physical appearance, there is a chemical process happening. From the manufacturer, there is a 4-year standard clean removal window, which means that it is recommended to replace the wrap before the adhesive strongly bonds to the paint, or the removal process in the future will be much more difficult and costly.

So the real answer is, if you plan to ever remove the wrap, then it is recommended to get it re-done within 4-5 years of the installation.  This will also help with the re-install process because when the paint condition is poor and unstable, it affects the ability for the product to properly bond to the vehicle when you go to get it re-done. In the commercial world, your branding is ready for a refresh after four years anyway.

Now there are all recommended timeframes based on our years of experience, but of course, every project is different. We have seen some vehicle wraps wear out even more quickly than others that have been properly maintained. It's always best to have your wrap properly inspected before and after project completion, as well as continuing to check in with our team to ensure that your wrap is maintaining its look and longevity to ensure it remains in top condition.

+How much should I budget for a quality wrap?

Not as much as you might think

The cost of a vehicle wrap depends on many different factors, primarily the size of the vehicle, coverage options / requirements and the specific vehicle wrap design you are looking for.  While there isn’t a standard price tag for a high-quality, professional vehicle wrap, a good placeholder for your budgeting would be $15-$18 a sq ft.   

At Image360-Burlington, WA, our customers, on average, spent approximately $1,600 for a partial wrap, and $3,800 for a full wrap.  Again, there are many variables to consider, so please feel free to reach out and setup a time to bring your vehicle over for a conversation and a free estimate.

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